"Ich entwerfe aus einer Stimmung heraus und nicht nach Plan".


"The origin of my designs is a mood, not a plan".


Gabriele Maaske
Eichenweg 7
37688 Beverungen

Telefone: +49 (0) 177 76 136 12
E-Mail: gabriele@oneisnotenough.org

If you have any questions/wishes/suggestions, please feel free to contact me. I'm always happy to help!!!


To BUY!!!

Since I'm a OneWomanShow and I don't cater to mass production, but instead produce classy and noble individual pieces - I don't sell via shopping cart. You can find my jewelry by Dawanda, Etsy, ebay or you can contact me directly. 


Please send me a message with your contact details and of coarse the name und number of the piece(s) you would like to have. 


Many thanks!!!!!

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