"Ich entwerfe aus einer Stimmung heraus und nicht nach Plan".


"The origin of my designs is a mood, not a plan".

About me ... Gabriele Maaske

Hi. I'm Gabriele (60 some years). I live in a small town in the middle of three german provinces, which you've probably never heard of - Beverungen.


For almost 30 years now I've been designing everything that you can mantle, overthrough, pin, and, and, ... 


I love jewelry and such so much, that I even sleep with it ... My label - one is not enough - describes my "obsession" with accessories. 


My first pieces arose out of necessity - my old necklaces, bracelets, and whatnot were about to fall apart and I had no money for new ones. So I repaired my trinkets (mostly very valuable heirloom) by combining them with costume jewelry. Today, this is called Upcycling. Until today I find it unbelievably satisfying to unite real and unreal elements in one piece. 


The non-existent plan in my creations leads inevitably to my trademark - the asymmetry. 
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